Fabian Soul

Fabian Soul

R & B Singer

Fabian Soul is R&B's Denzel Washington.The realism in his lyrics combined with the melodic production he carefully selects creates a audio experience you can visualize.

A soulful sound tangled in warm vocals put you in the mindset of the greats like Al Green and Donny Hathaway.

The intense performance on Fabian's Can't Nobody Love You Like I Do will have you 
confessing your love at the same time trying to do the two step to the melody all while singing along. Fabian believes that music is the key and the door to any emotion and it shows in his songs like Change My Ways and Lost my head.

Born on the south side of Chicago Fabian is no stranger to the heartbreak and hardships of life but like most south-siders he believes a person can either focus or fold.

If life is a movie Fabian Soul music is definitely the soundtrack!